Employee Physicals

employee physicals - doctor listening to male patient's heart

Improve Workforce Safety with Employee Physicals

Maine Urgent Care helps keep your team healthy and your business compliant with state and national regulations.

Employee Physicals ensure that your employees are medically and physically capable of performing their required job duties. These regulatory exams help improve workforce safety and reduce the risk of injuries and accidents on-the-job.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Reduce accidents, injuries, and turnover with pre-employment physicals. These exams ensure that candidates can safely perform the duties of a job position prior to hiring and training. Maine Urgent Care works with your business to customize and standardize protocols for exams based on specific job descriptions.

Return-to-Work Exams

Maine Urgent Care provides return-to-work exams to get employees back to work after a serious injury or illness. Our providers evaluate the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of their job, and identify a timeline and safe working limits for their return. Return-to-work exams help reduce the risk of re-injury and improve workforce safety.

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